The Second Man-Machine
Poker Competition


From this page, you'll get access to quite a bit of information. The results of the individual matches will be shown in crosstable format. Keep in mind that a differential of over $25000 (25 small bets) is necessary to declare a winner for a particular match. Some hand histories will be made available. You can access those by clicking the match name in the crosstable.

Live Matches

There will be four live matches happening at the WSOP expo booth at the Rio in Las Vegas. One match will be played each day from July 3-6th.

During a match you can see the live hand cast here.

Match Number Player Amount Won Player Amount Won Difference Result
Live 1 Nick Grudzien -$42000 Kyle Hendon +$37000 -$5000 Draw
Live 2 Rich McRoberts +$89500 Victor Acosta -$39500 +$50000 Humans Win
Live 3 Mark Newhouse +$251500 IJay Palansky -$307500 -$56000 Polaris Wins
Live 4 Matt Hawrilenko -$60500 IJay Palansky -$29000 -$89500 Polaris Wins

Remote Matches

Prior to the live man-machine matches in Las Vegas, the two pairs of marquee players we lined up for the event played a set of remote matches. This let the players get a chance to play against Polaris and get used to the software a little bit. It also allowed the CPRG to acquire more hands against really good players. These matches *did* count towards the end result of the competition.

Match Number Player Amount Won Player Amount Won Difference Result
Remote 1 Matt Hawrilenko +$199500 IJay Palansky -$174000 +$25500 Humans Win
Remote 2 Nick Grudzien -$2000 Kyle Hendon -$118000 -$120000 Polaris Wins

In the first pairing, Matt "Hoss_TBF" Hawrilenko and IJay "doughnutz" Palansky played a very close match with Polaris. In the end, they eked out a 25.5 small bet win. This is the smallest margin of victory possible, since 25 small bets would have been ruled a draw. It will be interesting to see how the players do when they play another match on July 6th!

In the second pairing, Nick lost just two small bets to Polaris after 500 hands, but Kyle lost a lot more than that for a net win of 120 small bets for Polaris. After the two remote matches, Polaris ends with a 1-1 record.

Exhibition Matches

Match Number Player Amount Won Player Amount Won Difference Result
Exhibition 1 Bryce Paradis -$208000 Victor Acosta +$194500 -$13500 Draw

In an exhibition match to test the system and the duplicate match format, Bryce played a session with a teammate and the players battled Polaris all the way to the end. The net result was the humans lost $13500 which was less than the 25 small bet difference needed to declare a winner. The exhibition match resulted in a draw against two very good players.