CBC radio interview

The CBC national radio morning show "The Current" interviewed Darse Billings regarding the computer poker project, on July 11, 2003.


Disclaimer by Darse:

The show airs live on the East coast, so the interview took place at the ungodly hour of 6:00am local time. I had had about two hours of sleep the previous two nights, so naturally I was in peak form for communication (not!). The local producer (Gillian Rutherford) had prepared seven excellent questions, and gave them to me ahead of time. The host (Kathryn Gretsinger) chose to ask exactly zero of those. So if it sounds like I'm struggling to understand her questions, much less provide scintillating responses, that's why.

Be sure to listen to the interview with Gautam Rao as well, as he does a nice job of explaining why a computer program is such a formidable opponent.


We have a local copy in mp3 format.